Quick and quality face capture with biometric features

A company focused on the development and manufacturing of electronic devices and systems with integrated biometrics.

Enables complete capture of facial images according to ISO/IEC 19794-5 standards, which are crucial due to the growing need for interoperability among various information systems, ensuring security in the process.

Enables utilization of facial images or digital photographs in various fields such as border control, healthcare, administrative procedures (e-voting, administrative processes), access control, and more.

The standardized capture of facial images facilitates efficient and secure data exchange, enhancing the reliability and effectiveness of these applications across different domains.

Development and manufacturing

Through our expertise in development and manufacturing we create electronic devices and systems with integrated biometrics technology.

Border Management Consulting

Efficient border control management ensures the smooth movement of goods and people, contributing to the overall safety.

About us
At Elbisoft, we are committed to tackling modern challengesby utilizing biometric data and developing functional software solutions.

Our company stcands on three pillars: electronic, biometric, and software expertise.

We specialize in:
optimizing border control at national borders,
streamlining biometric capture processes, and
designing innovative biometric capture devices.

Our customer-centric approach allows us to:
  • customize solutions, 
  • reduce waiting times,
  • enhance identification reliability and security, and 
  • optimize operational processes.
  • ELBISOFT, Gabrsko 12
  • 1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia

-- Entrust us with your border control and other challenges, and we will deliver expert advice and tailored, innovative solutions to meet your specific needs.