Enables complete capture of facial images according to ISO/IEC 19794-5 standards, which are crucial due to the growing need for interoperability among various information systems, ensuring security in the process.

Enables utilization of facial images or digital photographs in various fields such as border control, healthcare, administrative procedures (e-voting, administrative processes), access control, and more.

The standardized capture of facial images facilitates efficient and secure data exchange, enhancing the reliability and effectiveness of these applications across different domains.


Versatile use

Border control, EES, Healthcare, Access control, ...


Standarized format for reliable data exchange

ISO/IEC 19794-5, ICAO standard photography


Made for indoor and outdoor environments

-10 °C to +40 °C, IP65


Automatic face image quality assessment

Automatically evaluating the quality of face images captured for biometric identification


Suitable for individuals with different heights

Ranging from 110 cm to 200 cm


Fast, reliable, rugged, easy to operate

The device is seamlessly controlled through a user-friendly web application


Modular design

Capturing biometric features has never been easier

Verticam R

On a fixed or rotating base

For indoor or outdoor use next to the border control booth

Verticam S


For indoor or outdoor use next to the border control booth

Verticam C

Verticam with carrier

For indoor or outdoor use. Attached with brackets.

Verticam D

Desktop version of Verticam

For indoor use only. The customer can sit while capturing the facial photograph.

Border control
Capturing a facial photograph according to the ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard leads to longer waiting queues at border crossings.
  • Verticam enables fast and high-quality facial photograph capture and reduces waiting times.
  • Verticam technology increases the chances of a successful match during subsequent verification and enhances border control. 

  • Verticam is positioned next to the police booth. We eliminate the need for passengers to enter the interior of the border crossing facility.
  • The capture process is supervised by the police officer and prevents potential fraud.
  • The device immediately verifies the quality of the photograph and requests a retake in case it does not comply with the standard.
Administrative unit
The future of administrative work is here.

  • The applicant isn't required to bring their own photograph when applying for an identity card or passport.
  • Verticam removes the third party from the administrative process, making it faster and more efficient.
  • Verticam ensures appropriate quality and compliance with the standard. 
  • The capture of the facial photograph is supervised by a worker to prevent potential fraud.
  • The device immediately verifies the quality of the photograph and requests a retake if it does not meet the standard.
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